Feedback for FY 2019 Budget

Affordable Housing

I would like it if Arlington stopped forcing all of the affordable housing on Buckingham and South Arlington via "affordable housing funds". I live off of Pershing Drive and am concerned that the country is allowing affordable housing money to go towards funding a Committed Affordable Housing Neighborhood which continues to perpetuate the NIMBLY (Not in My Back Yard) atmosphere of community responsibility for affordable housing. Not only that, but there are plans to redevelop the old Red Cross building off of Arlington Boulevard with a maximum size affordable housing building with parking that does not meet regulations (.81 parking spaces to 1.25 required by Arlington) while also reducing green space and the bus system to access this new volume of people who will live here. It is fiscally irresponsible and poor planning and I wish our budget dollars were instead creating a space that meets Arlington requirements and also contributed to helping to clean up Buckingham. Buckingham has unfortunately been named a "Historic District" which in other words means it gets to continue to look like a dump while the remaining parts of Arlington are able to redevelop to meet interest of new businesses.


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