Millennials in Arlington

Arlington Alerts - Community Edition

I would like to be able to subscribe to departmental updates via email or sms in a similar way I do for OEM's emergency alerts. For example, I could subscribe to "Parks" news to let me when the new Parks catalogue or class sign up is ready. Or "Tax" news to know when a payment deadline is approaching. "County Board" news to know when a meeting is with a link to the agenda. Or "Election" News to be alerted about absentee voting, registration, or election deadlines. Or select the neighborhood to get neighborhood alerts. I think other versions of this have been tried with PLACE and even this Engage platform. The problem is that these platforms don't/didn't engage the county workforce. I'm I think most departments could easily think of alerts they would send to residents if this tool and communication method was developed. Some already sent alerts, but their lists are assembled in a piecemeal fashion across multiple platforms. I don't go to the County's home page every day, and it's easy to miss big community issues if I'm busy. Being able to self-subscribe and unsubscribe to news from departments and commissions that interest me on a single, consolidated website/listserve would be amazing.



Idea No. 28