Feedback for FY 2019 Budget

Columbia Pike Development


I wanted to share this link with those interested in comparing the development in other corridors vs. Columbia Pike. As you will note, the differences are staggering. We keep building residential apartments (which is good) but there are hardly any new city amenities. How can you expect residents to come/stay when all they will find are gas stations and mismatched, run-down buildings? Yes, we've been fortunate that some wonderful businesses have opened up and stayed around - but we need more. While we are on the subject of businesses, is there any way the county could do something about the Days Inn on 3030 Columbia Pike? It looks like a rundown motel from the 70's and based on the reviews others seem to agree. Yes, I'm frustrated, but as an Arlington taxpayer, I would like to see some of my dollars go towards gentrifying Columbia Pike. I love the Pike and all its diversity, it just needs a little update.


Idea No. 44