Millennials in Arlington


If schools are a part of what makes Arlington an attractive place to live, is there any way that consideration of broader options in terms of cost-effective school (re) expansion could be a part of long-range planning? I wonder how many community centers were once elementary schools, and if there is any possibility that APS could use/claim/ reclaim some of those properties rather than just continue with the band-aid "solution" of more trailers to "add on" in the existing schools. Take for example what was the Wilson School, now the arts center... or the lubber run community center ... or the Dawson Terrace Community center... Im sure there are many other examples.


If this could also be a part of the conversation in terms of expanding preschool and infant care options for working families, so much the better. Expecting Mom to stay-at-home and ignoring the attractiveness of good quality preschool options is so 1950.



Idea No. 27