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Millennials in Arlington

Bike Path

Washington Boulevard (especially north of route 50) would be an ideal corridor for a dedicated bike lane.


Also, what happened to the plan to extend the bike path beside Washington boulevard south of rt. 50? I thought that they were going to connect Columbia Pike to Crystal City and the Pentagon City Mall? I heard a lot about it three years ago but it has felt like deafening silence since then...


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Feedback for FY 2019 Budget

Improvement in the Crystal City/Potomac Yard areas

I would love to see the County focus efforts on getting the occupancy rate up in Crystal City and Potomac Yard area near the airport. Vacancy and lack of a variety between 23rd St and Glebe Road off Jefferson Davis Hwy/Crystal Drive/Potomac Ave is disappointing. All of our tax dollars are going to Alexandria in Del Ray and Old town areas which is unfortunate.